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Do you have your finger on the pulse of the latest products and services on the market? Are there new techniques and approaches to investigate? What are others in the industry doing that you’re not? Find out February 14–16, 2018 at North America’s largest event dedicated to cold climate residential building. Register now, then download the program book and check out these tips before you go.

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Steven Baczek

Steven Baczek Architect
Steven is a nationally recognized architect and has been designing and developing custom residential structures for over 24 years. He has designed hundreds of projects across the spectrum of energy performance, comfort, and durability, to include many of the nation’s top energy conscious homes. Notable projects include a handful of Passive Homes to include the Nation’s first Certified Passive House Retrofit under Enerfit, numerous Zero Energy Homes and Retrofits, and many Deep Energy Retrofits. In addition to his design work, he routinely provides detail and content for use in publications, books, webinars, and associated educational formats, most notable being the author of over 1,000 details for Green Building Advisor.